Retro Karting Australia Inc. Membership Sign Up Instructions

If you have a current KNSW MyKarting ID number the process will be a little different to those that are new to running with RKA.

Please go to and log in using your MyKarting ID number and password. Once you are logged in, at the top of the page click on “Licence” and then click on “Club Membership”. At the bottom of that page click on “ADD A NEW MEMBERSHIP” this will then allow you to the next page where you need to pick a State and Club. Under state it is ‘Karting New South Wales’ and under Club please select “Retro Karting Australia Inc” and follow the instructions.

NEW to the Karting NSW Portal and DO NOT have a Karting NSW MyKarting ID:

Click on the link above. Scroll down the page and Click on the membership that applies to you i.e., if you wish to race you will need to click on RKA Full Membership. This will then take you through the process to set up your personal profile and join the club. Once this is done you should receive a six-digit MyKarting ID Number for e.g., 120XXX
Membership is still required even if you will not be racing in NSW.